Embryo Transfer Stop by, call, or e-mail to inquire about our full line of embryo transfer services. We are now taking in a few select donor cows to flush here at HCC for our customers. Call for pricing on services available and schedule your cows to be housed and flushed here by Dr. Larry Horstman.
Dream ON X Shawnee Miss 770P.
This purebred donor is now owned with Shawnee Cattle Co. and a Rob DeFreese. She is a full sister to Select Sires bull Uno mas, WLE, and Purdue University sire WLE Uno Mas and WLE Swagger who is owns by Circle M, Rockwall TX. Look for progeny and genetic packages at future Factory Direct Events.
LAH Empress 415
(LAH Empress 116 X Famous)
Full sister to one of the most successful Angus females in the Midwest and Dam of many high sellers. Dam of Caleb Sey's 4th overall female at the Badger Kickoff and Reserve Grand at the Missouri AGR Show. Angus and SimAngus she makes them good.
T94 ½ Blood SimAngus
3C Macho X Libby 385 (BC Lookouts Full sister)
Tremendous female…she is as good or better than her picture…raises twins two years in a row and still averages 20 eggs per flush!
LAH Empress 116
LAH Empress 116 traces to the DF Empress 6079 cow on both sides of her pedigree. This is the dam of LAH Empress 516 one of the most successful angus females in the midwest for the Knebel Family and LAH Empress 415 who has been a top producer for HCC.
Champion Hill Lady 2182
(Sagahattcheee X Champion Hill Lady 392)
Res ROV Show Heifer of the year behind her full sister. "Daughters are available!"
Shawnee Miss 145P
Dam of LAH Sue 604S
This powerful female never had her feet trimmed during her show career or after. Massive foot, massive bone, massive middle and massive production. We still have some eggs in inventory but this cow was purchased by Josh and Carl Cox, Lafayette IN.
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