HCC Herd Sires
WAGR Upside 020X
(Upgrade X 3C Melody M668 BZ)
Horstman Cattle Co. is excited to be part of this exciting syndicate and is currently breeding cattle to this bull and will Flush T94 to Upside and hopes to have calves of this mating for March of 2012. 3C Melody M668 BZ is no stranger to excellence and Upside is a maternal sib to Dream Catcher, American Dream, and Driver…

Dam of LAH Sue - Shawnee Miss 145P
(CNS Dream On X Shawnee Miss 145P)
DOB: 2/2/06 • BW: 78 lbs.
Born unassisted out of a first-calf heifer. 7/8 Simmental 7/8 Son of Dream On out of a ¾ blood first calf heifer (Goldmine X WLE Bandwagon) bred by Shawnee Farms purchased as a heifer calf in the 2004 Design in Mind Sale. Smooth yet bold describes LAH Sue 604S. He is out of a first calf heifer with a 78 lbs. BW. They do not make an animal more sound. He has never had nor has he ever needed his feet trimmed. He comes with a great big foot and stride. Purebred, 1/2 blood female, and club calf producers need to pay attention to this moderate framed, smooth, POWERHOUSE. He has outstanding hair and an amazing disposition. He is a past Denver display bull and Grand Bull at the 2006 Indiana State Fair as a calf. Dream On, Goldmine, Bandwagon, all wrapped in one sound, stout package. Ask people who have seen him all along, he has been good since day one and has never had a bad period of time.
Joe Horstman • 765-426-0426
Larry Horstman • 765-463-5878

• Grand Champion Bull, 2006 Indiana State Fair
• 2007 Denver display bull

EPD's: CE 12.7; BW -0.3; WW 28.5; YW 47.7
Semen: $20 per unit